Nevado Panta (Otaña) 5,680m 5D/4N


Panta is a remote peak on the western edge of the Vilcabamba mountain range. It stands alone and rises high above the surrounding cloud forest on the edge of the Andes. To get there we go by the incredible archeological sites of Ñusta Hispana and Rosaspata, the last strongholds of the Incas, which we will have a chance to visit on the way. This mountain is truly an adventure away from it all.


The itinerary:

Day 1 Cusco – Huancacalle
We leave Cusco in a collectivo and arrive to Quillabamba in 5 hours. Then after another ride of 2 hours we arrive to the hostal in Huancacalle. In the afternoon we can visit the sites of Ñusta Hispana and Rosaspata.
Day 2 Huancacalle - Base Camp (4900m)
After breakfast we take a pickup truck 2 hours to the valley of Otaña. It is a 1.5 hour hike to the lodge passing by enormous Puya Raimondii Cactuses, and then another 1.5 to Base Camp below the glacier.
Day 3 BC - Summit - BC
We wake up at 12am and leave the tent by 1am. The route difficulty is in finding a way through the seracs that guard the summit on the SW face. Several short hard ice pitches and crevasse crossings bring us on the summit plateau. We will descend to Base Camp.
Day 4 BC - Huancacalle
We pack up camp and hike down to the road where our truck will give us a ride back to Huancacalle.
Day 5 Huancacalle - Cusco
After Breakfast we will go back to Cusco by car.

Included in the trip:

  • Transportation
  • Food (Lunch Day 1 to Breakfast Day 5)
  • Hostal in Huancacalle
  • Group camping and climbing equipment
  • 1 Mountain guide per 2 clients
  • 1 porter/cook

You will need

  • clothing for cold and rain
  • personal mountaineering and camping equipment (helmet, axes, harness crampons, sleeping bag, mattress)
  • mountaineering boots
  • headlamp
  • backpack
  • sunglasses
  • sunscreen

Mountaineering experience is required, you should be familiar with vertical climbing systems and descents; good physical condition and some acclimatization are a must!

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